Top Ten Causes Of Car Accidents

According to a recently published national article, here are the Top Ten Causes of Car Accidents.

Every year auto accidents results in hundreds of thousands of injuries and nearly 35,000 deaths in the United States. In fact, traffic collisions are the leading cause of preventable deaths in our country. Thus, it is important to have an understanding as to the leading factors contributing to car accidents. A list of the leading causes of traffic accidents in provided below.

  1. Speeding While Driving and Reckless Driving
  2. Use of a Mobile Phone
  3. Other Forms of Distracted Driving
  4. Driver Fatigue – Falling Asleep in the Wheel
  5. Drunk Driving
  6. Rubber-Necking
  7. Defective Automobile and Automobile Parts
  8. Defects on Roadway Construction
  9. Poor Weather Conditions
  10. Improper Coning off of Construction Zones