Safety Statements

Safety Statements are required under Irish law by section 20 of the Safety of the Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005.

We compile statements for all these business sectors:

– Agriculture
– Catering and Hospitality
– Chemicals
– Construction
– Docks
– Education
– Fishing
– Healthcare Sector
– Mining – Petrol Stations
– Quarrying
– Retail
– Small Business
– Transport

For peace of mind talk to us about your business safety statement, so that we can ensure that you are complying with all the health and safety regulations, that apply in your particular industry sector.
Our vast experience is your guarantee that you will be compliant and will avoid prosecution or project delays as a result of any inspection. Chances are that we have worked with many companies in your sector, who will be happy to recommend us.

Give us a call on 087 7707157 and talk to Seamus McDermott our senior safety specialist about your Safety Statement requirements.

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