Halloween Safety Tips For Children & Parents

While planning your Halloween activities and choosing costumes for your children, keep in mind some safety tips to avoid injury. Here are a few tips to make sure your little ghost goes boo boo free.


  • Give trick-or-treaters flashlights
  • Make costumes short enough to avoid tripping
  • Decorate costumes with reflective tape or use costumes that are bright enough to make children more visible at night


  • Parents should warn children to bring their treats home before eating them so that they can ensure that items have not been tampered with and are safely sealed
  • Throw away any suspicious fruits, candy, toys, novelty items or items small enough to present a choking hazard
  • Inspect fruit surfaces closely for punctures or holes, wash fruit thoroughly and cut each piece open before allowing a child to eat it


  • Be sure to tell children to never enter a home or an apartment building unless accompanied by an adult
  • Restrict trick-or-treating visits to homes with porch or outside lights illuminated
  • Instruct children to travel only in familiar areas and along a pre-established route